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Maths Lesson is Off the Chart

Maths students have been practising their graph techniques using ipads and a ball of string. Year 11 students cleared furniture from the classroom and created axes...

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Dodgeball Team Takes the Title

The school's Year 10/ 11 dodgeball team have been crowned champions of North West Leicestershire and Hinckley and Bosworth. The boys clinched the tournament after ...

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Weather Warnings - How to Find out if School is Closed

In the event of severe weather, parents who have supplied a mobile telephone number will receive a text message to inform them if the school is closed. All other p...

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Awards Evening

The school's annual awards evening is one of the most important events in the school calendar.

The next awards evening will be on Thursday 1 May 2014.

Every year, the school's most talented students are rewarded for their hard work, achievements and contribution to school life at a ceremony attended by staff, parents, Governors and friends of the school.

Awards are presented for a range of achievements including academic high performance, sporting excellence, community involvement and contribution to the life of the school, such as that made through the school's House system.





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